French Press Coffee Maker & Burr Grinder Bundle

Making a good cup of coffee is an art that is often seen as intimidating which is why, people would sooner trust a trained barista to make their coffee rather than doing it on their own. In reality, a good cup of coffee is something everyone can make easily especially if you have Relozaa's French Press Coffee Maker and Grinder Bundle.

With Relozaa''s professional grinder and French Press, you can grind your coffee grounds and create the most delicious brew for yourself.  May it be for your daily morning fix, or reunion with an old friend; you can whip up a beautifully smooth and rich coffee in no time.

The Beauty of the French Press

French press is one of the most popular methods of making the finest coffee. According to many connoisseurs, nothing beats the purity and richness of a coffee made through a French press. There are many reasons why they might just be right. A French Press traps in all the flavor, oils and aromas of the coffee grounds and translates them into your coffee blend. It maintains a good working temperature and promises a strong and revitalizing taste.

But don't just trust any French Press, Relozaa''s French Press comes with a promise of durability, and quality that is unmatched.

Relozaa's French Press and Grinder Bundle is the Complete Package

Made with High Quality stainless steel, Relozaa's French Press and grinder aim to deliver the perfect coffee making experience, even to the ones who are new to it. With this complete package, you also get two replacement filters and measuring spoons to make your job easier.

The double walled stainless steel ensures all the heat is trapped inside and keeps your coffee as hot as the midday sun, just how you like it. The double screen ensures that no coffee grounds escape into the coffee to ruin your experience. All in all, you have everything you need to make the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Coffee Press

Relozaa Coffee Making Bundle is a must for all Coffee Lovers

There is no greater love than the love of coffee and only a true lover can know how much a good cup can change your entire mood. With Relozaa's Coffee making bundle you can create happiness in a cup whenever you need some cheering up.

  • Coffee Making Essentials - With a French Press, powerful grinder, two measuring spoons, and a brush; Relozaa's coffee making bundle is a must have for everyone who wishes to make great coffee at home.
  • Convenience and Durability - Relozaa's French press and grinder are made with the highest quality material which is dishwasher safe, rust and burn resistant for durability and convenience.
  • Smooth and Rich Blend - With a powerful manual coffee grinder and French Press, Relozaa's gives you an incomparable blend. The double screen prevents coffee grounds to end up in your mug and makes the experience even smoother.

Now high quality coffee is just a few steps away, with Relozaa's French Press and Grinder bundle you can avail all the benefits of a luxury coffee without paying the exorbitant price.

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